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All Tiana's Parties strives to enchant and enrich the hearts and minds of children and their families through one-of-a-kind party entertainment. Celebrate your child's birthday or any other special occasion with a Princess or Pirate Party! Mary Poppins and Farm theme also availavble. Through focused interactions and artful activities, the children learn to co-create their own magical experiences with their friends. CHILDREN ARE ENCOURAGED TO DRESS FOR THE OCCASION!

All Tiana's Parties are designed for 10-12 children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. Extra children may be added for $10 each.

2-hour party for $200 or two parties for $300. Tax and Gratuities are included. $75 deposit required to reserve a party.

Tiana has been entertaining and educating children for over ten years.


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Pirate Party
Ages 3+
  • Crafting (Pirate Cutlass)
  • Face Painting Pirate Beards
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Teaching/Singing of Sea Shanties
  • Storytelling
  • Cake Cutting and Birthday Song
  • Photo booth with Jolly Roger flag
  • Handmade Treasure map for the Birthday Child
  • Party Favors!

Princess Party
Ages 3+
  • Storytelling
  • Crafting (Princess Wands and Beaded Necklaces)
  • Simple Face Painting
  • Cake Cutting and Birthday Song
  • Hand Painted Custom Photo drop for pictures
  • Paper crowns for all the princesses
  • Party Favors!

Animal Party
Ages 1+
  • Animal songs with egg shakers and toy animals
  • Giant storybooks
  • Crafting paper farm animals
  • Bead craft
  • Coloring activity
  • Simple face painting
  • Big Red Barn Photo Drop for pictures
  • Birthday Song and cake cutting
  • Party Favors!

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